5 tips for building a more sustainable wardrobe

alder summer set

Let's keep it real - the fashion industry does more harm than good to our Mother Earth. The constant need to update our wardrobes to keep up with seasonal trends creates truly destructive amounts of waste. Our goal at alder is to shift the global mindset towards slow fashion + conscious consumption.

alder's Top 5 Tips for Building a More Sustainable Wardrobe:

  1. Would you wear it 30 times?
    Livia Firth of Eco-Age coined the #30WearsChallenge. Before you make your purchase, you simply ask yourself if you'd wear the item at least 30 times.⁠ 

  2. Read the fine print.
    Always check to see the fabric content, as well as the instructions on the care label. Make your clothing last longer by washing the fabric the recommended way + at a lower temperature to save electricity. When you can, try to opt for recycled materials to prevent additional waste.⁠

  3. Get thrifty.
    Try shopping secondhand or upcycling old items when your wardrobe needs a refresh! You'll save clothes from ending up in a landfill + score a better deal.⁠

  4. Think long term.
    Build a capsule wardrobe around items that work year-round. Resist the urge to shop super trendy pieces + invest in timeless staples that can be worn every season.

  5. Do your background checks.
    Research the brand to check up on their business practices, values and production process. Be informed on their working conditions for garment workers + where they source their fabrics.⁠