What's cost per wear? Here's the trick to shopping mindfully.

open-air pants in forest green

One of alder's core values = practicing mindful design. We want you to love + wear your #recreating pieces season after season and believe that creating long-lasting, versatile items is an important step in designing sustainable wardrobes (plus only using eco-friendly + low carbon materials).⁠

A great way to evaluate investment into sustainable pieces is finding the cost per wear of any item of clothing you buy (since wearing items more often is a frequently overlooked factor in building a sustainable wardrobe).

Take the retail price of an item and divide it by the number of times you wear it in an average year. ⁠

Let's see it in action with our open-air pants:

💚 6 wears (once every two months) = $24.67⁠

💚 12 wears (once a month) = $12.33⁠

💚 26 wears (once every other week) = $5.69⁠

💚 52 wears (once a week) = $2.85⁠

💚 260 wears (five times a week) = $0.57⁠