Ready to say goodbye to your clothes? Here's what to do.

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Did you know that clothing + textile recycling has one of the highest levels of impact on reducing greenhouse gases? According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, 2 million tons of clothing are recycled annually. Taking proper care to dispose of your clothing is just as important as recycling materials like paper, plastic, aluminum and glass. 

If your items are in good condition...⁠

🌿 RESELL - Give them a second life by taking them to a local thrift shop or trusted online reseller like ThredUP.⁠

🌿 DONATE - Drop them off at a local homeless shelter or community center. Consider nonprofits like Dress for Success who provide low-income women with professional attire to support their job-search or interview process. ⁠

If your items have seen better days...⁠

🌿 UPCYCLE - The possibilities are endless. When in doubt, turn your old t-shirts into cleaning rags or washcloths!⁠

🌿 RECYCLE - There are many organizations that will accept + repurpose your old clothing. Research textile recycling bins in your area (some even offer a curbside pickup option!).

Happy Recycling!