Why we go on sale as a small biz

Hey alder community!

Mikayla and Naomi here, co-founders of alder.

As you may have noticed/heard/seen/read in the media, we’re living through an incredibly tough time and that extends to running a small business. We launched alderapparel.com in May 2020, and as a younger company, it can be difficult to forecast the right amount of inventory (e.g. products!) to make across colors and sizes with the limited historical data we have. Add in some *supply chain issues* and it becomes even more challenging to predict. To give you a sense of timing, we’re ordering inventory nearly a year out (e.g. for Feb/March 2023 right now!).

We haven’t gotten it 100% right, so some of our fave colors and styles are now “size broken” (aka sold out in some sizes and still available in others). We want to share this with you, our wonderful community, because we believe in openness, honesty, and transparency, even when it’s less than glamorous. Instead of dwelling, we’re choosing instead to celebrate with a special sale we’re calling the Growing Pains Sale! We’re putting some fan favorite styles at 25% off (and 30% off if you’re part of the Recreators Club). This includes our iconic open air pants, the highly-rated rain or shine coat, take a hike shorts, be free tanks, and other faves.

Our loyal Recreator Club members will receive early access and 30% off for 48 hours on July 12-13, then we’ll open it up to the public at 25% off from July 14-25.

Please enjoy and wish us better luck forecasting for 2023! (Or maybe not so we can keep this sale :)) 

Thanks for your support <3

Mikayla & Naomi