About the alder ReCreate Program

One of the best things we can do for the planet is cut down on consumption and wear + use the stuff we already own. The alder Recreate program is our way of extending the life of our products, so more use can be had from them!

Through the Recreate Program you can trade in used alder products and get money back. We’ll give you credit towards your next purchase on a used or new garment. We’ll be accepting alder items from now until September 2022 and will be launching the Recreate Market with all these repaired and upcycled preloved items in October 2022!.

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How It Works

We accept used alder clothing. When you trade-in your quality, well-loved alder products, we'll give you credit toward future purchases.


Gather your used alder items.

We accept most conditions of clothing. Fill out the survey for full details.


Do the trade in survey + send back to us via mail.

Fill out the trade in survey to let us know what product you’re sending back and the condition that it’s in! Make sure to write the letter generated from the survey on your package.


Get alder credit.

We’ll give you credit towards purchases on www.alderapparel.com, alder pop ups and the alder recreate market when it launches in Oct 2022!

Estimated trade in values

Here are trade-in value estimates to give you an idea of what your pieces might be worth.

 Product Credit (CAD) Credit (USD)
open air pants (28" + 32") $50 $40
take a hike shorts $35 $25
be free tank (long + cropped) $10 $10
get dirty dress $45 $35
rain or shine coat $120 $90
flip it tee $25 $20
go far fleece $55 $45

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your burning questions!

Everything is accepted except accessories (hats, water bottles, notebooks, etc.).

You can mail in your alder products to our warehouse. We’ll send you a pre-paid return label!

We accept four categories of condition: 

Category A: New with tags on

Category B: Gently Worn (No rips, no stains, mild pilling, but overall in good condition)

Category C: Worn (Signs of wear, pilling, split seams, light fabric wear, broken zipper, but has NO fabric tears outside of ripped seams)

Category D: Damaged/Not Wearable (ripped fabric, faded fabric, major staining from bleach or other items that cannot be removed by traditional stain removal)

Note: you MUST write the category on your package if mailing in. Exact directions will be given when you complete your trade in survey! .

Yes, you will get credit for everything sent in!

We’ll be working with local tailors, designers and cleaners to repair, re-use and upcycle all products that are sent in. Once everything is ready to re-wear, we’ll launch our Recreate Market. We’re planning to do this in October 2022. We’ll list items on the alder recreate market (it’s being built right now!) - a separate website that will host all our recreate items :).